Arabistiek & Islamkunde / Midden-Oosten Studies / دراسات اللغة العربية والاسلام والشرق الأوسط

Arabic and Islamic Studies were formally introduced at the University of Ghent as a research and teaching subject in 1958. Today, the section consists of a number of tenured professors, language teachers, and postdoctoral and doctoral researchers. There is a close collaboration with the Middle East and North Africa Research Group of the faculty of political and social sciences. There are also strong institutional links with the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) and its network of Dutch and Flemish institutions of higher education and research. This enables us to sustain the international quality of our research and teaching in the fields of Islamic history and Middle East studies.

The section's research focuses on power, state formation, social order, truth regimes, (Islamic) knowledge practices, (Arabic) communication and Digital Islamic Humanities, primarily with respect to the history of late medieval West Asia, and is currently being expanded towards the modern and contemporary Middle East to strengthen the ties with the Middle East and North Africa Research Group. The section contributes to the Bachelor and Master teaching programmes of the Oriental Languages and Cultures degree, enabling students to acquire academic competences in the fields of Middle East Studies, and of Modern Standard and Egyptian Arabic.

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